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Instructional design (also known as Instructional Systems Design) is related with analyzing human performance problems systematically and to identify the cause of the problem considering various solutions to address the cause and implementing the solutions. Its an emerging profession which is mainly focused on establishing and maintaining efficient and human performance, which is guided by module of human performance.

Instructional designers are required to Analyze training needs and tasks, identify instructional content and strategies. Instructional designer's can assist in the development, writing and revision of course materials.

What is e-Learning?

E-learning is an learning experience with use of an information and computer technologies. E-learning courses are delivered via computer using words in the form of spoken or printed text, pictures and such as illustrations, photos, or videos, animation. Some forms of e-learning (asynchronous) are designer for individual self study. New e-learning formats called virtual class rooms or synchronous e-learning are designed for instructor-led training.

E-learning courses are designed to help learners to achieve personal learning objectives and do their jobs in ways that improve the bottom-line goals of the organization.

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